Top 4 Dangerous Types of Holiday Drivers – Idaho

Author: Ashley Nave Date: December 19, 2018

Being the designated driver in holiday traffic is a commitment in and of itself. Sharing the road with aggressive holiday drivers can be incredibly frustrating and, oftentimes, requires a year’s worth of patience. In a recent study, it was reported that millions of people are expected to travel from city to city throughout the United States this year, including Boise, Idaho.

Keep in mind, driving when you’re in a hurry, exhausted, or impaired in any way, not only puts you and your family at risk but puts other families in danger of being injured in a car accident, or worse, losing a loved one. If you do find yourself caught in the aftermath of a collision, you should contact the police right away. Here are some of the most dangerous types of holiday drivers The Advocates want you to avoid at all costs:

  1. distracted drivingThe “Must Send An ‘Almost There’ Text” Driver – Boise

One of the most dangerous types of holiday drivers, especially caught in the midst of additional holiday traffic, is the distracted driver. Distracted driving accounts for nearly 2 million traffic-related injuries each year in the United States, according to the National Safety Council.

Be sure to avoid checking your phone while driving, even if you’re at a stoplight or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You can easily put you and your family at risk of being in a rear-end collision by simply glancing at your phone. A quick “We’re almost there!” text message isn’t worth sending. Take an Advocate’s advice and put the phone down while you’re driving.

  1. The “I Spent All Night Wrapping Gifts” Driver – Twin Fallswrapping paper

More often than not, people are left buying last minute holiday presents. If you find yourself up all night rummaging through last year’s wrapping paper, remember how important it is to get a good night’s rest. Sleep is essential to enjoying a safe holiday season with family and friends.

Fatigued drivers are, in fact, one of the most dangerous types of drivers during this time of the year. Increased traffic already puts other drivers at risk of being in a collision. Do yourself a favor and get some sleep before traveling this year.

  1. speedingThe “Leader of the Pack” Driver – Idaho Springs

Racing to the front of the line may be a useful tactic for elementary school students, but for adults steering 2-ton automobiles through traffic it probably isn’t a wise strategy.  In fact, speeding is one of the leading causes of traffic fatalities in the United States, according to the NHTSA.

Speeding during the holidays is even more dangerous. Drivers not only face triple the amount of traffic, but some families are expected to visit more than one relative in a given day. If you or a loved one face the horrors of being in an accident during the holiday season, you’ll want to have an Advocate on your side.

  1. The “Another Cup of Spiked Eggnog” Driver – Idaho Fallsspiked eggnog

While some people politely decline the spiked holiday eggnog, others’ eyes glisten the minute it hits the table. If you plan to have a drink or two at a holiday Christmas party or at your relative’s house, do not drink and drive. Keep in mind, this should be applied year-round, not just during the holidays.

One of the safest methods to sharing a holiday cocktail or two with your coworkers is to plan your route ahead of time. Be sure to have a designated driver or you can take an Uber or Lyft home. Sharing the cost of a ride home is the easiest way to avoid putting you or the lives of others at risk of being seriously injured in a car accident.

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